Alps Design Lab is a unique place to stimulate innovation. The proximity of researchers, artists, technologists in the same place promotes synergy, emergence of creative and innovative solutions. In direct contact with researchers and technologists, designers, students work in response to questioning about the urban world, transport, health, water usage or energy, etc. to design “objects” (products, services, scenario) and to propose uses that will value the technological advances of the CEA.



european innovative city

Chalenging ECOSYSTEM

Labeled french tech, Grenoble is in the top three of the most innovative cities in Europe.

It is the first French research center after the island of France with 8 national agencies and 25,000 public and private researchers.
CEATech our partner has a comprehensive portfolio of technologies in the fields of information, communication, energy and health.

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The Design Studio

The Design Studio offers exceptional workspace to think out of the box.

Grenoble Alps University

Grenoble Alps University is a community of universities and institutions (COMUE).

CEA Tech

CEA Tech delivers unrivalled experience in technology research.

the Encounter of Two Worlds

The ENSCI LES ATELIERS and CEA Grenoble inaugurated in 2009 a new type of cooperation between Design and Science, residence designers gradually open and gathers today best design schools.
The partnership of the new platform is now extended and driven by three renowned schools: ENSCI LES ATELIERS, the HEAD
in Geneva and ESADSE from Saint Etienne in one side ant the three research institutes of CEATech.


Three leadind scools

A interdisciplinary, industrial design, graduate-level school in the heart of Paris
Founded in 1982, Les Ateliers is recognised for its innovative approach to design education, based on diversity of student profiles, individualised programming and project-based learning. Website
Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève) was formed in 2006 from the merger of two art schools, the Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts and the Haute école d’arts appliqués, both over two hundred years old. HEAD – Genève is constantly evolving and has already established itself as one of the foremost art and design schools in Europe.
ESADSE represents the core of CITE DU DESIGN, founded in 2005 as a platform for oberservation, creation, education and research through design. By providing three major, Art, Communication-Multimedia and Design, the ESADSE is to train artists, designers, graphic designers, writers to develop imagination, creativity and inventiveness.

Three Research institutes

Leti is an institute of CEA, a French research-and-technology organization with activities in energy, IT, healthcare, defence and security. Leti is focused on creating value and innovation through technology transfer to its industrial partners. It specializes in nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology, healthcare and photonics.

Within CEA Tech, CEA Technological Research Division, CEA LIST institute carries out research on digital systems. Its R&D programs, all based on major economic and social implications focuses, deal with advanced manufacturing, embedded systems, ambient intelligence and ionizing radiation control for health applications.

Liten (Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) is an institute forming part of the CEA’s Technological Research Division. It is one of Europe’s leading research centres in the new energy technology field. Liten’s research activities are focused on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and, lastly, high-performance materials for energy applications.

One semester with designers and scientists

The project pedagogy generates learning through the realization of a concrete production, it places students face the reality of scientific and industrial world.
The students designers are leading their projects independently for one semester, they will imagine objects and future environments in close collaboration with scientific experts and industrial partners.
The the educational team organize the necessary learning for the project, help resolve groups operating problems, and ensure the project completion and its presentation.
The projects explore questions concerning the major social themes and the major challenges of the future. These issues are connected to the leading contractors as concerns: GDF-SUEZ, Renault, Bouygues, ADEO …


Roger Pitiot

Designer graduated from the Paris ENSAD in 1976, he joined the team of ENSCI at CEA in 2013 after 13 years in Seoul, where he teaches at IDAS Hongik University.

Loic Lobet

Loïc Lobet, product designer and graphic design in Marseille, was born in 1980 and graduated in 2009 from ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris and Amiens ESAD in 2003.

Denis Rochefort

Designer graduated from ENSI in 1989, having been design director of the Camping Gaz company. He is now president of the Inolvia company that was created in 2014.



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